What Sexologist Christina Lindea's Clients Say

Talking to you about something I never discussed with anybody before made me feel so light. Thank you so much.

T. S., 44, Dubai

Major positive change. Without Christina’s help this would not have been possible.

A. S., 45, Dubai

We’re a married couple of 10+ years. After many years of struggling, we quit sex altogether – even after trying psychotherapy. Since completing sessions with Christina Lindea, we can finally share intimacy like we have always wanted. Christina is an extremely knowledgeable and skilled professional. But her unique interpersonal ability and passion set her apart from other therapists – without her, we could not have found our way to where we always wanted to be as a couple.

G. D., 35, United States and A.D., 37, United Kingdom

“Very professional and the only option that makes sense. Thank you very much. I found a solution to my fast ejaculation and cured my PE issue.”
Dr. A. A., 35, Dubai 

“Christina is a great listener. Her approach to our problem was very scientific and with good reasoning. She is a very professional and warm person and made us feel comfortable to talk openly about our issues, which makes it further easy to bring solutions and goals. She works with methods to use by ourselves for behavior modification, and most important, it is explained in simple language.”
Dr. A. S., 38, Mumbai – Dubai

“Thank you, Christina, for your guidance. Overall I feel years younger and active in every way.”
A. B., 49, Abu Dhabi 

“I consulted with Christina Lindea about my relationship problems and learned more in 90 minutes than I did after months of self-analysis. If you are ever stuck in your relationship with whatever, even a seemingly small matter, don’t wait and let things escalate until it’s too late, like I did. 

I wish I had gone to see her three years earlier, but I’m happy Christina helped get me the insights needed to change my habits and build better future intimate relationships.  

I got to see the underlying issues and feel optimistic about my future. Highly recommended, and good luck!”
B. P., 35, EU – Dubai 

“I found our session extremely productive and insightful and had a good conversation with my partner afterward, and we got a lot of clarity and understanding of our issue.”
V. C., 41, EU – Dubai 

“The session changed everything. It helped me to get my confidence back. I stopped adult movies, started dieting, and discussed with my wife all the points. And we started to hug again and get to bed early. Now the sexual performance anxiety is all gone. We are happy.”
A. M., 38, Mumbai – Dubai 

“You helped me let go of my fears and insecurities about myself. I can’t thank you enough for your wisdom and kindness.”
J. P., 38, Dubai 

“Pleasantly surprised. Christina’s rates are reasonable with the level of expertise and support.”
P. N., 46, Dubai 

“I have done the practice this week with my husband, and we are thrilled about what is happening. After my session with you, we talked a lot and have started applying your recommendations. I am now only beginning to accept my body and not push myself for anything. My husband is also willing to join me in the next session. Thank you very much, Christina.”
R. E., 25, Cairo – Dubai 

“We solved our marital problem and achieved our goal in 10 days with the help of Christina’s consultation. We could consummate our marriage. I got pregnant the next month. Thank you so much.”
S., 28, and K., 27, Abu Dhabi

Appointments are generally scheduled Monday through Thursday between 11 am to 8 pm.

Availability on weekends, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays is between 12 noon to 8 pm.

When You are Ready to Book

Please let Christina know your name, age, and personal contact mobile number.  

Tell her you know the rates and anything she should know before the appointment, as the consultation is tailored to your concerns.