Frequently Asked Questions

Consultations are by appointment from 11 am to 8 pm daily. Also, during weekends, on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 12 noon till 8 pm.
Difficulties with sexual functioning, erectile dysfunction (ED) is about getting or maintaining sexual arousal and a firm enough erection to experience a satisfying sexual encounter.

More men believe they have erectile dysfunction when they feel anxious about their sexual performance and experience erection problems and erection loss. Overall, sexual dysfunction treatments are no more cause-specific, as the condition’s root causes are often multifactorial.

A Dubai-based experienced clinical sexologist, Christina Lindea, can help you with Cognitive Behavioral Sex Therapy, combined with pelvic floor muscle training (PFMT), with or without your medical doctors prescribed medication, so you develop control over your sexual functioning.
br> Most men see a major improvement in their erectile dysfunction symptoms in a few weeks to already, and that is my experience, too, when one is dedicated to the healing process.

Please find out more about the positive outcomes and look at Christina’s clients’ testimonials.

Research indicates that teletherapy and consultations online are just as effective as in-person consultations. In fact, some people have better outcomes using online video therapy than in-person consultations.

Also, having the convenience and privacy of being at the location of your choice, whether at home, at work, or while traveling, some people feel that their comfort zone helps them to be vulnerable and to open up.

Many people are more surprised that they can share their emotions at online sessions than they have ever been able at a therapist’s office. Additionally, some people want to spend less time commuting and prefer saving hours from driving and finding parking.

Although erectile dysfunction involves physiological and psychological pathways, it also has a psychosexual, emotional, and relational foundation.

Psychosexual consultations typically focus on psychological and psychosexual factors. These generally are sexual performance anxiety (SPA), sexual shame, dysfunctional sexual beliefs, unrealistic sexual expectations, desensitization from overstimulation due to sexual behavior (problematic use of adult content), anxiety over body image, and past sexual trauma.

Furthermore, relational and emotional causes, such as relationship conflict, insufficient stimulation, partner enthusiasm, partner’s sexual problems (female sexual dysfunction, sexual pain), perceived incompatibility, and low-quality encounters, may all cause erectile problems.

As said, erection-related and arousal-based problems on sexual performance anxiety can be managed by cognitive-behavioral sex therapy and mindfulness-based psychosexual techniques (Sensate Focus etc.) with communication skills counseling or with possible medication.

Increasing evidence has suggested that pelvic floor muscle training PFMT appears in treating ED by strengthening the pelvic floor. PMF training (Kegels) is easy, safe, and non-invasive and is recommended for managing erection problems and fast ejaculation.

Sexologist Christina Lindea reaches to the highest success rate when combining pelvic-floor physical therapy methods with Cognitive Behavioral Sex Therapy CBST and mindfulness-based relaxation techniques. 

When you are looking for the best outcomes, the partner needs to be included in the treatment for erectile dysfunction.

An uncontrolled ejaculation with or without a climax is called premature ejaculation (PE) or fast ejaculation. Reaching climax, before or shortly after the beginning of sexual arousal, stimulation, or contact, is experienced as rapid ejaculation.

Any challenges about how to keep up the arousal can be very frustrating. It is not only about the sensitivity due to infrequent sexual activity but more about the lack of stimulus control.

The good news is that you can overcome fast ejaculation or so-called premature ejaculation (PE) almost 100 % of the time, when you work with sexologist Christina Lindea.

When you dedicate yourself to pelvic floor muscle training (PFMT), employ psychosexual behavioral modification techniques, and do the method practice training for some time, you will eventually stop PE.

Delaying ejaculation is very much a skill any man can learn. Please contact to schedule your appointment with sexologist Christina.

Unfortunately, men often mistakenly self-diagnose with ED after a few failed attempts to have sex, but mostly it is about their performance-based worrying.

It is hard to feel pleasure if you don’t feel sexually confident. Performance anxiety (SPA) can be complicated to talk about and challenging to work through, even with the most patient partner.

Finding out why you experience anxiety in a sexual situation is the first step in managing it and developing the confidence to experience sexual interaction that satisfies you and your partner.

The good news is that sexologist Christina Lindea is experienced in effective psychosexual strategies around performance anxiety in men and women. Many of the same approaches used to treat more generalized forms of stress are effective interventions.

The fluctuation of sex drive is challenging when there is a cultural model that we should be constantly desiring sexual contact.

As we mature, sexual desire often becomes less spontaneous and more responsive to relationship factors. For most women and men, connection and intimacy are fundamental for passion.

Like in any sexual dysfunction, the root causes are multifactorial, and a medical assessment by a physician is an important first step in finding out possible medical causes of your low sexual desire.

An experienced sex therapist, Christina Lindea, helps you to discover the causes of low sex drive, such as dissatisfaction, relationship conflict, or avoidance due to feelings and experiences about your sexuality, to name a few.

Various studies show that up to 95 % of individuals and couples completing sex therapy and sexological counseling consultations overcome their addressed concerns.

For sexual dysfunctions, such as fast ejaculation or so-called premature ejaculation (PE), almost 100 % of the time, when your specialist is trained in sexological cognitive behavioral modification methods, and on your part, you are dedicated to the method practice.

Because the causes of erectile dysfunction mostly have various psychogenic and organic components, the highest success rate in treating ED is reached when combining Cognitive Behavioral Sex Therapy CBST.

Having your partner involved in the therapy resolves the problem 70 % of the time, with or without pharmacotherapy.

If your partner doesn’t want to join you, please have your consultation by yourself. Partner joining you is proven effective, especially when participating in the homework exercises assigned for both of you.

As the association between sexual dysfunction in men partnered with women with female sexual dysfunction (FSD) increases the likelihood of ED by 400 % and 100 % the risk of fast ejaculation, that is why healing with the partner is fundamental.

Because my consultations are solution-focused, you can expect to get some clarity on the first appointment already. Still, some more consultations are needed depending on your concern about solving an issue or creating a solid foundation for improved quality of life.

Some see me weekly for some time or several months, and others see me occasionally for maintenance.

Research shows that sex therapy is most productive for approximately 12-16 sessions, typically once a week, which turns out 3-4 months for weekly sessions, but once my sessions are often for 90 minutes, you can start to see positive results already in about 4-8 consultations. 

On the other hand, in psychosexual counseling and coaching for particular concerns, many people reach their goals in around 2-6 consultations.

In about 7-10 days intervals, to keep the momentum, a meaningful change will occur.

You may feel a tremendous sense of relief and energized. After having unloaded the burden you carry, you feel lighter and hopeful.

You may still feel some resistance, or your emotions may be stirred up, but that is part of the process because without stepping out of your comfort zone, there is no change.

You are not alone. Feel free to contact me if you need to share your urgent concerns before we meet again.

Sexology is an interdisciplinary science on diverse aspects of human sexuality, including human sexual interests, behavior, and function.

Clinical sexologists are professionally trained in the scientific study of human sexuality and primarily work directly with clients or patients.

Specialist Christina has studied clinical sexology, sexological counseling, sexuality therapy, coaching, and education. She helps and supports her clients with everything to do with sexuality, sex, intimacy, relating, marriage and love life.

The work with couples is similar to marriage and couples therapy but focuses on sexuality and relationship dynamics. At the same time, you do not have to have a problem seeing a sexologist.

Clinical sexologists often assess concerns related to sexual functioning, such as low sex drive, sexual pain, erection problems (ED), and fast ejaculation (PE).

As a non-physician clinical sexologist, Christina collaborates with diagnosing medical practitioners. They work as a multidisciplinary team based on the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment plan regarding medical and physical conditions.

Practitioner Christina Lindea is a non-physician sexologist trained in clinical sexology. She practices as a therapist and counseling consultant.

She has completed classical training and several deepening trainings in various international programs during more than twenty years of practice.

Psychosexual or sexuality therapists, commonly called sex therapists, have studied human psychology, physiology, sexual function, and more.

They are trained professionals who offer consultations and therapy to help you meet the sensual and sexual side of you. Also, to resolve the typical causes affecting sexual function, pleasure, and relationship dynamics such as:

Psychosexual counseling and sexological counseling are mostly solution-focused cognitive behavioral counseling and coaching consultations to help individuals and couples resolve sexual difficulties.

They include sexual pain, erection difficulties, performance anxiety, fast ejaculation, sexual avoidance, and relationship concerns.

Some sex therapists are clinical sexologists, too, but not all.

As Christina is a clinical sexologist and a sex therapist, she can simultaneously manage the functional side, for example, sexual dysfunction, such as erectile dysfunction, and the underlying relationship dynamics causing erection loss or rapid ejaculation .

Or for example, when a man struggles with fast ejaculation (PE), he learns how to last longer through specific exercises. They are method assignments to increase sensory awareness and build stamina.

For some men, this takes just one to two weeks. It may take a little longer for others, depending on how much time they give to the method practice.

If you are willing to move past any resistance and hesitation you might be feeling right now, and book your first session, then I promise to do everything I can, to make it one of the best decisions you make all year.

First, I am not a moralist but a sexologist. My approach is nonjudgmental, evidence-based, and scientific.

My consultations are always confidential, and you will not interact with anyone else except me, sexologist Christina.

Sexologist Christina Lindea’s services differ from medical practitioners, couples counselors, and psychologists consultations in several ways.

Couples therapists often avoid sex-related issues due to discomfort. Psychologists or psychotherapists may feel unconfident when addressing sexuality. Many practitioners also avoid sexuality-related conversations altogether, as they think they are not trained enough in sexual health.

If couples specialists regard sex as a secondary concern to be dealt with later, untreated sex issues will often worsen, with serious negative effects on the overall relationship.

As a certified sexuality counselor with deep clinical experience, practitioner Christina Lindea seamlessly integrates couples and sex therapy into a single process, allowing couples to work simultaneously on sex and relationship issues from the first session.

In addition to managing the causes of sexual issues that may be challenging to one or both partners, we also pay close attention to the impact of sexual problems on the relationship and the discrepancies that have emerged.

Christina’s appointments are unhurried as they used to be when specialists had time to listen to the clients and learn about their issues in non-rushed consultations.

Unlike facilitators in clinics, as a private practice practitioner, Christina can offer more discretion, minimal data collection, and confidentiality without distractions in most non-clinical settings and online.

Even though her approach is beyond the medical model, she collaborates with a multidisciplinary team of various medical and non-medical practitioners.

She is also available in the evenings and weekends by appointment and offers short-notice scheduling options if you are looking for an appointment as soon as possible.

Sexual pleasure and satisfaction do not depend on aspects of the body, ability, or skill level. Everyone can develop abilities to enjoy sexuality and fulfilling sexual intimacy.
Most likely, you have reached your goals, or something in you and in your relationships have changed during the consultations, and you feel lighter.

Sexologists are active in several fields, such as research, biology, and medicine. Some sexologists are trained as medical doctors and practice at clinics as specialists. Some others may work as therapists and counselors, helping patients or clients solve their sexual health or relationship issues.

Therapy looks at the past to gain clarity, counseling helps you see your situation from different perspectives, and coaching is about learning skills and tools to prevent, manage, and overcome a problem.

When you start your work with specialist Christina Lindea, we will discover where you are and where you want to be by proposing ways to help you expand your comfort zones until you reach your goals.
Sexologist Christina’s style is open and direct yet empathetic and supportive:

In the first consultation, you share information, and we learn more about your concerns, challenges, history, enhancement needs, and solutions.

You can expect clarity over your concerns already from your first consultation. Sometimes, simply sharing information about your situation can be one of the most powerful aspects of seeing a specialist.
· What has become a problem?
· How it used to be, how about now?
· How would you like it to be? What do you like to achieve?
· What is keeping you stuck?
· How sexologist Christina can help you to reach your goals
· Identify your level of commitment

By the end of your first consultation, we already have a plan, including a psycho-educational component, with your first homework assignments. The exercises are a way of measuring change, experimenting, embodying, and building new skills when you are exploring your sensual self.

· Say what you mean to say
· Communicate your expectations
· Don’t be afraid to vent or cry
· There is no “right mood”; you are welcome in any mood 
· Stay curious 
· Come prepared to ask questions
· Stay open to experimenting beyond your comfort zone
· Try implementing what you have explored and discovered 
· Maybe keep a journal of your challenges and insights
· Discuss any difficulties and challenges

Unfortunately, health insurance does not cover sexual health and wellness consultations.

I provide online and in-person consultations as a private practice practitioner in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and Helsinki, Finland.

The fastest way to get in touch is by sending a WhatsApp message or call a WhatsApp call at +971  50 969 0857, in the UAE 050 969 0857, or using the Contact Form.

Absolutely, please get in touch. Let’s find out about it together.

People often contact me feeling shame, very alone with their concerns, and not knowing what to do in their situation. There is a valid reason why you are struggling or stuck with whatever it is.

You can expect to overcome your issue if you are dedicated to doing your part, step out of your comfort zone, stay curious, and engage in a multidisciplinary care if needed.

Please send a WhatsApp message to my number, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I may be able to accommodate you on short notice.

Online consultations are for 45, 60, or 90 minutes. In-person consultations are for 90 minutes.

Christina Lindea accept contactless payments by credit and debit cards Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, American Express, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay.

The fees can also be paid by cash or by bank transfer.
Online consultations are 900 AED for a 90-minute consultation, 690 AED for a 60-minute consultation, and 600 AED for a 45-minute consultation.

In-person consultations are 1050 AED for a 90-minute consultation for individuals or a couple.

Yes. Appointments missed or canceled in less than 24 hours before the meeting will incur 50 % of the charge value. An exception to this policy may be made for emergencies on a case-by-case basis.

I am from Helsinki, Finland, and a native Finn.

Lack of knowledge of one´s own body, especially genitalia.

Lack of personal self-discovery to feel sensual and sexual pleasure with oneself and later with someone else – if one chooses to do so.

Guilt and shame about one´s own body, feelings, thoughts, and sexual activity often have roots in one´s upbringing.

Sexual desire, function, arousal, and orgasm concerns are often an arena in which a couple chooses – usually subconsciously – to work out their power or other problems.

Healthy sexuality is a consensual, respectful, and informed approach to sexuality and sexual interactions. It is free from coercion and abuse. Everyone can develop abilities to enjoy fulfilling sexual intimacy.

I do not make notes as this can reveal trust issues, shame, and concerns about personal safety. 

Since clients have my undivided attention, they feel at ease, making the process much more efficient.

Your confidentiality is assured. You only communicate with Christina directly. Nobody else is around during consultations, and in-person visiting is discreet without a waiting room.

I do not collect data or share information. All communication online and calls are secure, end-to-end encrypted, and confidential.

Do you ever wonder:
· How to make my love life and sexual life more enjoyable
· How to embody what I like and meet my needs
· How to communicate in ways of connection and love
· How to overcome sex-related and non-sex-related problems, as medical treatments and medication did not cure the root causes of my condition.

An ideal client is coachable, has internal inquiry and effort, is prepared, and has an optimistic attitude toward their set goals.

They are so fed up with the old that they are ready to dedicate themselves to the process, stay curious, consider new approaches, and question their old ideas and beliefs. They also attend the scheduled appointments, ideally booked as a package to boost motivation.

In the same way as if you are prescribed antibiotics, taking only a few capsules sometimes does not cure the infection completely.

No. You can schedule an appointment without a referral from your doctor. Still, seeing a medical specialist (gynecologist, urologist, endocrinologist, etc.) before seeing a sexologist is suggested.

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