Areas of Practice

Clinical Sexology, Sex Therapy and Sexuality Counseling

• Sexual Function Challenges: Erection Problems, Erectile Loss, Erectile Dysfunction (so called Impotence)
• Fast Ejaculation (so called Premature Ejaculation)
• Delayed Ejaculation
• Sexual Performance Anxiety
• Low Desire, Sex Drive, and Sexual Self-Esteem
• Sexual Arousal Challenges
• Female Libido, Arousal, Orgasm, Sexual Avoidance, Fear, and Pain Challenges
• Hypersexuality and Problematic Sexual Behaviour (also so called porn addiction and sex addiction)
• Sexual Trauma
• Orientation
• Sexuality Beyond the Norm

couples therapy series by showtime, sexologistdubai
couples therapy series by showtime, sexologistdubai

Relationship and Couples

• Desire Discrepancy
• Dissatisfaction
• Sexual Avoidance
• Sexless Couple
• Fertility
• Boredom
• Lack of Intimacy
• Infidelity
• Consensual Non-Monogamy

Men overcome fast ejaculation, or so-called secondary premature ejaculation (PE), almost 100 % of the time when they train themselves to delay. Stimulus control and sensory awareness are skills every man can learn easily. Sexological cognitive behavioral modification methods are effective, safe, and non-invasive ways to manage PE.

Find Out How Clinical Sexologist
Christina Lindea Can Help You

The truth is: bad sex is fixable. Discover what you can do to save your sexless relationship before it is too late.

Couples who explore ways to make lovemaking more pleasurable are 12 times more likely to be sexually satisfied and have higher relationship satisfaction.

She specializes in individuals’ and couples sexual problems; especially erection difficulties (ED), fast ejaculation (PE), sexual performance anxiety, arousal challenges, low desire, hypersexuality, sexual pain, and desire discrepancy.

  • Get instant professional help to overcome your concerns.
  • Feel less alone with your worries.
  • Overcome sexual dissatisfaction in your couple.
  • Rediscover passion in your couple.
  • Manage pressures to have sex in a certain way or amount.
  • Resolve “Am I normal?” and other fears around your sexuality.
  • Overcome low sexual self-esteem by building sexual confidence.
  • Discover and overcome the root causes of low desire and arousal difficulties.
  • Discover how to stay present with your own pleasure rather than just monitoring your partner during a sexual situation.
  • Find out the root causes of your sexual issues and overcome them with the help of a holistic and multidisciplinary team.
  • Develop effective ways to overcome challenges with satisfactory arousal and sexual functioning.
  • Learn ways to manage performance anxiety around sexual situations.
  • Understand your difficulties and how they are impacting you.
  • Better understand your emotions and sensations in the body.
  • Learn to express your feelings better.
  • Resolve sex-related relationship conflicts.
  • Resolve your worry of not being sexually adventurous or sex-positive enough.
  • Improve communication in setting boundaries better than before.
  • Learn how to manage past negative experiences causing issues.
  • Learn to weigh the consequences before acting on sexual impulse.
  • Resolve feelings preventing you from feeling desire, arousal, and pleasure.
  • Discover how you can be sensual and sexual the way you want.
  • Better understand your fantasies and urges.
  • Develop intuition and skills to determine whether a potential relationship will be good for you.
  • Develop skills to express your needs, likings, and dislikes constructively.
  • Move the focus from sexual performance and goal orientation to an embodied experience of the arousals free ebb and flow.
  • Improve your skills to listen to your bodily sensations.
  • Let go of sexual and relationship patterns that no longer serve you.
  • Learn the latest, accurate, evidence-based information about anatomy, sexual functioning, and pleasure.

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